5 Tips to Prevent Gum Recession

In dentistry and oral health, preventative measures are the best treatment plan a person can follow. Those who place a high emphasis on their overall health need to pay attention to the tops that follow, which can help reduce and even eliminate the occurrence of gum recession. By not following this advice, a person's gums may recede as he or she ages.

The path to better gum health

There are plenty of ways to prevent gum recession, with simple steps like eating well, brushing a couple of times per day and doing it the right way and flossing at least daily. Other steps include getting enough sleep, getting regular checkups and cleaning by a dentist and avoiding problematic foods like candy and highly acidic foods and drinks.

In addition, there are five steps to take that can help prevent receding gums in the future and stop and gum recession that may be occurring.

1. Stop smoking

Anyone who smokes regularly should know that smoking has been linked to causing oral cancers. It is something that is even called out on the labels of the packages that the cigarettes come in as directed by the United States government. The more a person smokes, the higher the chances are he or she will deal with gum recession at some time in the future.

2. Avoid getting oral piercings

When a person gets oral piercings, he or she automatically puts the mouth at risk for an infection. Even if an infection doesn't set in, there is an open sore to deal with, which needs monitoring to stay clean.

3. Brush with care

Gum recession can occur when people brush their teeth too hard. The bristles of a toothbrush should be soft, or at least medium, and the shushing should include both teeth and gums. Being too rough on either teeth or gums can cause irreversible damage to the person's mouth, include receding gums. One way to fix is by using an electric toothbrush as the gentle vibrations this type of toothbrush offers allow the ideal amount of pressure.

4. Use a mouthguard

Teeth grinding will wear away a person's gums and cause gum recession too. With this condition, a person clenches his or her teeth together at night, grinding them together. This also affects the gums and wears them out from too much fiction as well. A proper-fitting mouthguard that the dentist makes can solve this issue.

5. See an orthodontist

No one has perfect teeth, but those who have nearly perfect teeth take care of them and may have had treatments from specialists, so don't feel bad if a trip to an orthodontist is in the future.

Orthodontists are able to correct overbites, underbites, misalignments and missing teeth, meaning he or she can solve many oral health concerns.

If you do not utilize these tips above, your gums may begin to recede in time through environmental factors and habits. At this point, your gums will become unhealthy, if you don't concentrate enough on your oral health. Make an appointment with your dentist today and get your gums on their way to being healthy.

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