After Teeth Whitening: Which Foods and Drinks Should Be Avoided?

Teeth whitening can have an amazing effect on your teeth, making them shine brighter and appear healthier.

However, there are certain foods and drinks that should be avoided after teeth whitening to ensure quality results and to avoid any sensitivity following the teeth whitening procedure.

Foods and drinks to avoid after teeth whitening

In essence, the main foods and drinks to avoid after teeth whitening are the same ones that should only be consumed in moderation in order to promote good oral hygiene.

While foods such as dairy can be beneficial after teeth whitening, the following four food and drink types should be avoided to ensure a quality, pain-free teeth whitening procedure.

Acidic foods and drinks

First and foremost, try and avoid any foods and drinks that are highly acidic and increase the risk of enamel damage. Such products can fight and break down the minerals in enamel, causing extreme sensitivity and bad results after a teeth whitening procedure.

The most common food and drinks that contain a high level of acid include wine, citric fruits (such as apples, lemons and oranges) and products high in sugar. By avoiding these, teeth whitening is often much more effective.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea may be one of the more obvious drinks to avoid after teeth whitening, as they are notoriously known to lead to stained teeth, especially if proper precaution is not taken afterward.

Since coffee and tea can hinder the effectiveness of a teeth whitening procedure, consider avoiding consuming these altogether. For anyone who relies on coffee to make it through the day and giving it up is not an option, be sure to use mouthwash and brush your teeth after each cup to ensure the teeth whitening procedure goes according to plan.

Dark fruits and vegetables

Fruits are one of the more "under the radar" food products that can actually damage the results of a teeth whitening procedure, as they are considered healthy to consume in most cases.

However, dark fruits and vegetables, such as leafy greens, sweet corn and plums, can be incredibly detrimental to the color of our teeth and the strength of our enamel, especially following a teeth whitening procedure. While giving up dark vegetables and fruits altogether may not be realistic, practice good oral hygiene after doing so.

Tomato sauce

Perhaps one of the more damaging foods is tomato sauce, which can cause a teeth whitening procedure to not be as effective. Therefore, consider avoiding tomato sauce dishes, such as spaghetti, chilli and pizza, after teeth whitening.

With that said, pasta is actually a good food choice, although substituting tomato sauce for other sauces or having no sauce at all is a good idea after teeth whitening. For instance, try chicken alfredo, noodles and butter or a macaroni and cheese dish instead.

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