What Is Gum Contouring for Dental Veneers?

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With the help of dental veneers, you can achieve the appearance you have been looking for. This treatment can cover unwanted features of your teeth and revamp your smile. Gum contouring is often part of this procedure. Your dentist can explain how this works and whether it makes sense when you get veneers.

Description of dental veneers

A dental veneer is a type of restorative treatment for damaged teeth. People choose this method to correct aesthetically undesirable conditions such as discoloration, misalignment, misshaped teeth, and chipped, broken or cracked teeth. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that attaches to the front of the person’s tooth. It restores its proper form and protects it from further damage. The veneer can be a similar color, size and shape of surrounding natural teeth.

The basics of gum contouring

Though not ordinarily a medical need, gum contouring can correct visible flaws of a person’s gums. Some people are not pleased with the way their gums look. The gums may sit too high or too low on the teeth. Uneven gums can make teeth look abnormally large or small, affecting the individual’s smile. Cosmetic dentists can perform a contouring procedure to even out the gums and shape them in a uniform, attractive way.

Why this process often accompanies veneers

Often, a patient with cosmetic tooth abnormalities will also have uneven gums. Before a patient receives dental veneers, it may make sense to contour the gums so the veneer can rest effectively on the entire tooth. For some patients, the idea of getting veneers comes because some teeth are much smaller than the rest. When the uneven gumline causes this, contouring and veneers may go hand in hand.

How it works

The doctor will begin by giving the patient an overview of what to expect from the gum contouring procedure. The patient can ask questions and address concerns at this time. The dentist may show the person exactly what their gums will look like after the process. The dentist then numbs the patient with a local anesthetic. Using a laser or scalpel, the dentist then cuts away excess gums and tissue.

After the surgery

After a period of healing, patients who intend to get dental veneers will return to the dentist’s office for that procedure. In some cases, the veneer process may occur directly after the contouring. Patients may feel some soreness and discomfort in the gums. For the next few days, the person can take pain medication and should eat soft food. The dentist may provide further directions such as activities to avoid. There will be a follow-up appointment a few weeks after the surgery to review the patient’s progress and health.

Bang for your buck

If you are not happy with the way your gums and teeth work, a cosmetic dentist near you may have the right solution. Dental veneers, along with gum contouring, can transform your smile into what you have always imagined. Call your dentist today to discuss whether it makes sense for you to undergo these procedures.

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