What Is Third Molar Extraction?

Looking for more information on third molar extraction? If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth growing in, then finding out more about whether they are going to fit in your mouth is a great idea. Everyone is different, so if there is enough room in your mouth, then great! Your wisdom teeth will likely not cause you any oral problems, except for a little discomfort while they are actually growing in. If you do not have enough room in your mouth, then they will likely need to be extracted.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, an estimated 85 percent of people will eventually need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

What is third molar extraction?

A third molar extraction refers to pulling out the wisdom teeth. While many people do not like the idea of having a tooth pulled from their mouth, it is necessary for those who have a crowded mouth. For those who experience dental fear, know that there are many options available nowadays that can help them, e.g., sedation options, etc. This is especially important for patients who have one or more third molars that are impacted.

The actual third molar extraction procedure involves a professional dentist first giving the patient an agreed-upon anesthetic. The dentist will then use dental tools in order to carefully remove the tooth, which usually only takes a few minutes or so to extract. If the wisdom tooth is impacted, the dentist will need to make a small incision in order to reach the tooth.

Need your third molars extracted?

Not sure whether you need a third molar extraction? When your wisdom teeth begin to grow in, it is necessary for you to pay close attention. If they seem to be growing in without causing you any oral problems, then this may be a good sign that you indeed have enough room in your mouth to accommodate your third set of molars. If they seem to be growing in crooked or your other teeth are starting to move and shift around, then you just may need to have them extracted from your mouth. We are here if you have any questions!

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