Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental work that helps improve a patient’s teeth and smile. A smile is the prettiest thing anybody can wear. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of smiling because of the condition of their teeth. Some people who have discolored or crooked teeth may hide their smile from the world. This could affect their self-esteem and other people’s first impressions of them.

Common cosmetic dentistry procedure

The following are cosmetic dentistry procedures that dentists can use to help bring a smile to their patients’ faces:

Teeth whitening

This is one of the most popular and most basic cosmetic dentistry procedures. Through the years, most people’s teeth become stained due to the drinks and foods they consume. The teeth-whitening procedure involves bleaching the patient’s teeth to make them whiter. The dentist whitens the patient’s teeth after thoroughly removing all debris, tartar and plaque, and cleaning the surface of the teeth to restore their natural appearance. Dentists can also bleach the teeth to achieve a whiter shade than their original color.

Dental implants

Some patients are afraid to smile because they have one or more missing teeth. Dental implants can help provide a permanent solution to this problem by replacing the missing teeth. The dentist starts by inserting a titanium screw into the patient’s jaw, which serves as the support for a dental crown. One benefit of dental implants is that they are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers use medical-grade ceramic and resemble the patient’s natural teeth. They look natural and realistic, and dentists recommend them for patients who have crooked teeth, damaged enamel and noticeable gaps between teeth. If the discoloration is so severe that teeth whitening cannot restore them to their natural appearance, the dentist may also recommend dental veneers. The dentist uses a dental adhesive to apply the dental veneer to the front of the patient’s tooth.

Composite bonding

Bonding or composite bonding is an inexpensive cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps cover damage to discolored, chipped, cracked or decayed teeth and gives the appearance of healthy teeth. The dentist drills out all the decay from the damaged tooth and applies a composite onto the surface. The dentist then sculpts the tooth into the right shape and cures it with high-intensity light.

Inlays and onlays

Dentists use inlays and onlays to repair mild-to-moderate tooth decay when there is not enough tooth structure to support a normal filling. The dentist places the inlay directly onto the surface of the tooth if there is no damage to the tooth cusps. However, if there is much damage to the cusps, the dentist uses an onlay to cover the entire surface of the tooth.

Inlays, sometimes known as indirect fillings, feature composite resins made in a dental laboratory. They help support the teeth and reduce any further deterioration or decay.

Wrapping up

A cosmetic dentist can help restore your pearly white and give you a reason to smile again. Talk to one of our dentists if you have any cosmetic dental issues you would like fixed.

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