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Usually, when adults lose their teeth, implant-supported dentures are a practical and effective cosmetic dentistry option to restore their smile and oral health. The dentures can be designed to feel, function and look like natural teeth, and are perhaps the most reliable option for complete tooth loss. This type of dentures helps preserve the aesthetics aspects of the mouth, as well as the structural integrity of the jaw.

What are implant-supported dentures?

These denture implants are a form of overdenture that are connected to dental implants for support. The implants are embedded in the jawbone and act as the foundation for the dentures. An overdenture is a complete or partial denture that lies over dental implants or supporting tooth structures. Compared to other dentures, overdentures are removable, but they can provide better dental function and stability, unlike traditional dentures, which gradually become unstable and need refitting eventually. Additionally, because of their stability, they are also aesthetically-pleasing, thus hitting on the goals of cosmetic dentistry -- function and form. 

Types of denture implants

After the dentist decides that a patient is eligible to get implants (which mostly means being in good health and having adequate jawbone), they will choose from two types of implant mechanisms:

Bar retained: A thin metal bar connects to two to five implants fixed inside the jawbone. The denture has a clip or similar attachments to connect to the bar.

Ball-retained: These are also called stud-attachment dentures. The dentures usually have sockets that fit over ball-shaped connectors on the dental implants.

The implant procedure

In cosmetic dentistry, the implant option and state of the jawbone will determine the implant procedure. Getting implant-supported dentures usually involves multiple steps that may spread out over several steps. Although this sounds extensive, the major advantage of implant denture is reliability and stability, unlike fixed bridgework and dentures, which may start slipping or cause bone loss.

Implants are typically placed in the jawbone around the front side of the mouth. They will need some time, probably between five months to a year, for the implant to fuse completely with the jawbone. Other preliminary procedures, such as bone grafting, may extend the healing period.

Generally, implant denture involves a two-step procedure – the first surgery is to place the implant, and the second is to expose the head of the implant to connect the attachment mechanism. Nowadays, there is a one-stage procedure where implants and the supporting mechanism are completed in one procedure. The dentist will determine the best approach after proper evaluation.

The aesthetic benefits of implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures have multiple cosmetic benefits. As a teeth replacement option, it helps to close the gap left by missing teeth to restore the complete smile. The dentures help to minimize facial sagging or dropping caused by resorbing jawbone after losing the teeth. Implants provide stimulation to the jawbone and support for facial muscles, ultimately restoring the natural structure of the face.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a reliable option in cosmetic dentistry to restore several missing teeth, then you should talk to the dentist about implant-supported dentures. The dentures restore the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your smile.

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