Common Myths About Getting a Dental Bridge for Missing Teeth

Dental Bridge Bakersfield, CA

Dental bridges are ideal for improving the appearance of your smile by replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, too many people who could benefit from dental bridge treatment do not do the procedure out of fear that it is too expensive, does not produce quality results, or is too invasive. All of these are misconceptions. 

Common misconceptions about dental bridge treatment

Understanding what a dental bridge is and what it is not is important when deciding on the best way to replace missing teeth. The following are five common myths about dental bridges for missing teeth, as well as insights into why the misconceptions may exist and what patients can actually expect during treatment. 

Myth: Dental bridges do not look natural

Dental bridges are essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth, and no one will notice that the patients ever had tooth loss occur. Some people have the misconception that a dental bridge may not look like a natural tooth and that the overall quality of the bridge is not the same as with a dental implant. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. There is no difference in the appearance between a dental bridge and a dental implant because they both utilize a dental crown, which is tooth-colored and the same shape and size as a natural tooth. 

Myth: Dental bridges require invasive procedures

Another misconception is that the dental bridge placement procedure is invasive. This is often because they are confused with dental implants, which require a minor surgical procedure. However, a dental bridge does not require extensive treatment and is safe for the patient. 

Myth: Dental bridges feel uncomfortable

Dental bridges allow for ideal functionality because the dentist ensures the ideal size of the tooth through preparing the abutments and taking dental impressions. Therefore, the dental bridge fits comfortably, and most patients adjust to the new feel within a few days after the placement procedure. 

Myth: Dental bridges are not durable

Another common misconception is that dental bridges are not durable because they are not supported by an implant. While dental implants do provide superior longevity, dental bridges can also last for many years before they need to be repaired or replaced. 

Myth: Dental bridges are expensive

Many dental insurance providers cover most or all of the cost of dental bridges. In addition, dental bridges are more affordable than dental implants on average. While patients who want the least expensive option possible may prefer dentures, a fixed dental bridge is also relatively cost-effective.

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