Can Dental Sealants Help Sensitive Teeth?

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Dental sealants can be used to address sensitive teeth. People with sensitive teeth often have difficulty eating and drinking since cold, hot, or sweet foods are likely to cause them pain or discomfort. These people also feel pain when brushing and flossing their teeth.

Teeth sensitivity can be caused by several things, like tooth decay, gum disease, or a chipped tooth. It is mainly caused by a person’s enamel wearing down, leaving the more sensitive inner layers of teeth exposed to acids and bacteria in the mouth.

Treating teeth sensitivity with dental sealants

One of the ways a dentist treats sensitive teeth is the application of dental sealants. These sealants are rubbery materials that are painted on teeth surfaces. They are primarily used to prevent tooth decay since the sealant prevents acids made by oral bacteria from reaching teeth.

Dental sealants help to alleviate teeth sensitivity since applying them to a tooth provides an additional outer layer that prevents acids and extreme temperatures from getting to the tooth. The procedure is completed in less than a minute, and it can protect sensitive teeth for up to three years.

Other treatments a dentist might recommend for sensitive teeth include:

  • Fluoride treatments: This involves infusing the patient’s teeth with fluoride to strengthen their enamel. It protects against teeth sensitivity and decay. The fluoride used for this treatment comes in various forms. It can be a varnish that is painted on the patient’s teeth or a gel that is administered via a mouth tray the patient bites down on. It only takes a few minutes to perform a fluoride treatment
  • Mouthguard: As we mentioned earlier, the leading cause of teeth sensitivity is enamel erosion, and that can be a result of teeth grinding. A dentist can provide a customized mouth guard to protect the teeth of patients who grind their teeth, keeping damage to their enamel to a minimum
  • Covering up exposed teeth roots: This approach works for patients who have developed sensitive teeth due to gum disease. Gum disease is an infection of gum tissues, and it leads to the gum tissues that cover teeth roots pulling back. Teeth roots do not have an outer layer of enamel to protect their inner layers from acids, leading to increased sensitivity
  • Root canal: A root canal might be recommended when a tooth’s pulp chamber has been compromised due to damage or decay. This often leads to severe toothaches and increased sensitivity, and it leaves the tooth vulnerable to decay. Root canal therapy can be used to remove the soft tissues in a tooth and seal the tooth back up

Put sensitive teeth behind you

Sensitive teeth limit your ability to enjoy treats like ice cream. Sensitivity often leaves you in pain when eating, and it can make cleaning your teeth an uncomfortable experience. Fortunately, our dentist can help you put teeth sensitivity behind you by addressing its root cause and performing appropriate treatments. Give us a call or visit our Bakersfield clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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