Can Dental Sealants Help a Damaged Tooth?

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Dental sealants can also help adult patients. Dentists give sealants to younger children to prevent cavities. Yet, cavities still form even during adulthood. That is why adult patients can now get dental sealants as well. These protective coatings provide the same protection regardless of age. If you want to know if dental sealants can help your damaged dentition, here are the details.

The target teeth

Dental sealants protect teeth that suffer from a high degree of pressure and friction. Premolars and molars receive dental sealants because they chew and grind. The lingual side of the front teeth needs protection during biting. They also need shielding from their constant contact with the tongue. If any of these teeth have damage, the dentist should provide proper restoration first. Then, the tooth will get a dental sealant.

Dental sealants fill the grooves and crevices of the tooth. This prevents bacteria from hiding and collecting in these areas. The tooth becomes smoother and stronger after the treatment. A dental sealant can last for at least 10 years before it needs replacement or repair.

Habits such as teeth-grinding or nail biting can damage dental sealants. Those who engage in contact sports are likely to go back for reapplication or replacement. The patient should listen to the reminders and care instructions that come with the sealants. Doing so can extend dental protection.

Preparing the tooth

Before the patient gets sealants, the dentist will roughen the surface of the tooth. The dentist will clean the tooth and remove the sealant. Then, the dentist will isolate the tooth and prevent moisture from coming close to it. After etching the surface of the tooth, the dentist will clean the tooth and dry it.

Applying the sealant

The dentist will apply the dental sealants on the dental surfaces using a brush. It is like placing a coat of paint or clear nail polish. The dentist will make sure that every corner and crevice of the surfaces get the coating. Then, the dentist will harden the dental sealants with a curing light. After the curing, the teeth will become smooth.

Checking the results

The dentist will evaluate the results of the treatment. Final surfaces should be smooth and even. Dental sealants will only be successful with proper application. Complete dryness of the tooth upon application is also crucial. Moisture contamination is the primary cause of sealant failure. The dentist will check the dental sealants during each routine dental appointment.


Dental sealants can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. Dentists cannot remove sealants. These barriers deteriorate on their own. This will tell the dentist if it is time for another treatment.

Your damaged teeth can get more protection from dental sealants

There are many causes of tooth damage. Whether it is decay or trauma, damaged teeth need protection after restoration. This is where dental sealants come in. You can add more protection to your repaired teeth with dental sealants. Talking about this in your next dental appointment can help prepare you for the treatment.

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