Can a Family Dentist Fix Bad Teeth?

Family Dentist Bakersfield, CA

How often to visit

A family dentist can treat patients of all ages. From the time a child starts getting teeth, regular appointments are important. Wellness checkups should occur at least every six months. At these visits, the dentist will examine the patient to check for concerning issues. There will also be a teeth cleaning and some instruction. Patients with ongoing problems should see the dentist more often, as much as every two or three months.

Fixing damaged teeth

In between cleanings and checkups, people may want to see the family dentist to repair broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. This issue may be a result of an injury from a hard blow to the face. Other physical damage to teeth can happen because of poor oral hygiene and the weakening of the enamel and dentin layers. The dentist has a few options to restore these teeth.

Crows are an effective solution when part of the tooth has cracked or if there is a fracture. A crown is a natural-looking cap that goes over the top of the damaged tooth. It restores the biting surface and form. The crown also stabilizes the tooth and protects it from further damage. Bridges and veneers are other options that the patient can consider.

Fixing misshapen teeth

A family dentist can also address situations where the patient has abnormally large or small teeth. A mouthful of oddly shaped teeth can hinder a smile. This condition can also make it difficult to effectively brush and floss. This could lead to gum disease, cavities, or abscesses. To repair misshapen teeth, the dentist may recommend getting a veneer.

A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that attaches to the front of the affected tooth. It restores the shape of the tooth. Putting veneers on misshapen teeth can make them all appear the same, giving the patient a beautiful smile. The veneers will be the same color as the natural teeth.

Fixing crooked teeth

A patient’s first thought may be the orthodontist when it comes to straightening teeth. But a family dentist can often handle this responsibility. Dentists can take X-rays and impressions to develop a treatment plan for crooked teeth or bite abnormalities. The dentist will recommend braces or aligners. For minor problems, a retainer may be enough to correct the teeth.

See your family dentist today

A dentist can help you get your oral health back on track. This professional is also available to help you achieve an attractive smile. If you are unhappy with your teeth, speak to your dentist about what options are available. You no longer have to be ashamed of your smile.

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